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How to stop the automatic download in Yo WhatsApp

Check if the automatic download of your Yo WhatsApp is enabled. We all like to use Yo WhatsApp, but sometimes Yo WhatsApp can steal your phone’s storage space without you realizing it. That’s why we need to check Yo WhatsApp. When you enable automatic download in Yo WhatsApp, Yo WhatsApp download by default the photos, audios, videos and documents you browse. In addition, the automatic download in Yo WhatsApp consumes a large amount of mobile data. To avoid excessive use of our phone’s memory and mobile data, it is best to know how to stop the automatic download Yo WhatsApp.

YO WhatsApp Download latest version official website:

YOWhatsapp APK

Steps to prevent automatic Yo WhatsApp download.

  • Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of Yo WhatsApp. You will then see five options, click Settings.
  • Can you see the circular pattern? The content we are looking for is hidden behind the use and storage of data.
  • Here you will see the sub-column for automatic media upload. Select when using mobile data and you will see that Yo WhatsApp automatically downloads images, audio, video and default files. Just uncheck all of them and press OK to save them.
  • If you do not want Yo Yo Whatsapp to download automatically when there is WiFi connection, you must select the option on WiFi connection and uncheck it. Finally, don’t forget to click OK to save.

If you are interested in YOWhatsApp, you can click to go to the official website of YOWhatsApp:

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