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Yo Whatsapp Download

Yo Whatsapp Download

Who invented YoWhatsApp?

YoWhatsApp is an improved mod that improves and modifies the traditional WhatsApp. This application contains a number of additional features. It was developed from the original WhatsApp source code, but adapted to users’ needs.

What’s new in Yo WhatsApp V9.50

Last week, Yo WhatsApp received another major update with the introduction of Yo WhatsApp V9.50. With this update, Yo WhatsApp has introduced changes in some areas. This article summarizes the new features of Yo WhatsApp V9.50 and should give Yo WhatsApp V9.50 enthusiasts some clarity.

How to stop the automatic download in Yo WhatsApp

When you enable automatic download in Yo WhatsApp, Yo WhatsApp download by default the photos, audios, videos and documents you browse. In addition, the automatic download in Yo WhatsApp consumes a large amount of mobile data. To avoid excessive use of our phone’s memory and mobile data, it is best to know how to stop the automatic download Yo WhatsApp.

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