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YoWhatsApp V9.45

YoWhatsApp V9.45

Five ways to fix Yo WhatsApp not ringing-YoWhatsapp Download

Sometimes, you open your phone, open Yo WhatsApp, and find an unknown one, but it doesn’t make a call. Try to turn off the phone, but you can’t solve the problem. don’t worry. Most people ask me why I didn’t call. We have identified five ways to solve the problem of YoWhatsapp Download being rejected. As we said, you can solve this problem.


Turn off Do Not Disturb

If Do Not Disturb is enabled, all incoming calls will not ring even if audio and multimedia are turned on. If the intervention fails, check the settings. If it works, the switch will close.

Clean cache

The longer you use your phone and applications, the more media files you generate. You can take up phone space and affect the speed of applications. If the phone does not have enough storage space, it may cause errors in the application. Therefore, the cache and garbage of mobile phones must be cleaned up in time.

Restart your phone

I think if she has a problem with her mobile phone, most people will use it. If Yo WhatsApp doesn’t call, you can also try restarting your phone. Your cell phone may just have slept for a while.

Install Yo WhatsApp

Some Yo Whatsapp Download documents may be corrupted, which may cause problems with some functions. If Yo WhatsApp does not have the latest version, you can delete it and reinstall it.

Update YoWhatsApp or mobile device

When using an old version and creating a new one, errors are inevitable. You can solve this problem by updating Yo WhatsApp. If it doesn’t work, you can also upgrade your mobile device.

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